vineri, 14 noiembrie 2008

Ornament exchange

Did I tell you I love Christmas ? With all its small joys of finding gifts, ornaments, the tree and the food for all the guests you will get ! But I don't know why all seems to happen so fast and the next thing you know it's over...

This year I started early..Well, it can be Christmas in June , right?

I found a forum that all 365 days of the year (sometimes 366) celebrate Christmas. It is CHRISTMAS TALK .

Among all the beautiful things that can be found there there is also an ornament exchange . (Now is closed.) You sign up for the exchange, you wait untill the list closes and then you receive a name.Is your partener swap but you have to keep the secret because you are his secret Santa ! This is my first year participating and, guess what : I received my ornaments already !!! Feels like Christmas is so close ! Here is what I got :

ornamente primite

ornament exchange

These came all the way from... The Isle of Man ! Yes , I know, where is that ? Here I found out : between Ireland and UK ! And on the small round ornament was the flag of their country !

I sent my ornaments to Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the things I sent but they were mostly crafted...

joi, 13 noiembrie 2008


This is the original song :
SHIVAREE -Goodnight Moon

and this is one of its cover version. It is made by a Romanian band called STIGMA and this version is called ZI-MI NOAPTE BUNA (WISH ME GOOD NIGHT)

This song is on the album "Thousand stars hotel" ("Hotel de mii de stele") that appeared in 2001

I like it better how the boys sing it..
Which one do you like the best?

miercuri, 26 martie 2008


I came here from YAHOO360. I like that place.It's colorfull, like a toy from the childhood. It has a lot of features ... but sometimes I have the feeling no one is taking care of all the problems or bugs that appear on posting pictures, blog notes or comments...So,I came here.To see how things work around here, how the visits are and how clean the place is.

I will see if this step was a wise one...