vineri, 14 noiembrie 2008

Ornament exchange

Did I tell you I love Christmas ? With all its small joys of finding gifts, ornaments, the tree and the food for all the guests you will get ! But I don't know why all seems to happen so fast and the next thing you know it's over...

This year I started early..Well, it can be Christmas in June , right?

I found a forum that all 365 days of the year (sometimes 366) celebrate Christmas. It is CHRISTMAS TALK .

Among all the beautiful things that can be found there there is also an ornament exchange . (Now is closed.) You sign up for the exchange, you wait untill the list closes and then you receive a name.Is your partener swap but you have to keep the secret because you are his secret Santa ! This is my first year participating and, guess what : I received my ornaments already !!! Feels like Christmas is so close ! Here is what I got :

ornamente primite

ornament exchange

These came all the way from... The Isle of Man ! Yes , I know, where is that ? Here I found out : between Ireland and UK ! And on the small round ornament was the flag of their country !

I sent my ornaments to Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the things I sent but they were mostly crafted...

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